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Close guidance in planning a route from the beginning to end according to the client's wishes.

Planning Travels
Fun Outdoors

Caravan Trip

An organized trip that includes a trail and route tailored to the customer's request. The trip includes catering, attractions and formation activities depending on the appropriate population.

Race to the Million

The game is similar to the beloved TV show, participants are divided into teams and required to perform challenging puzzles and tasks.

Throughout the puzzle solving and missions the participants commute by car or caravan (at their request). At each station a task awaits that requires skill, communication, and thinking out of the box like our motto.

Unlike the familiar program, we do not have a last place because everyone gets to enjoy from the experience and the view that awaits.

Of course the activity is based on the customer's requests, catering, accommodations and various attractions.

Running Group
Tug of War

Treasure Hunt

Another popular game that we offer is Treasure Hunt, the game is a challenging, competitive and upbeat experience including driving through the streets and hikes throughout the city.

The activity is an adventure for the general public and requires participants to decipher clues, navigate, leadership and communication.

While completing the tasks and deciphering the challenges, you will enjoy spectacular views and wonderful places. Of course the activity is based on the customer's requests, catering, accommodations and various attractions.

Escape Room

Another example of a popular activity is escape room. We maintain the same concept only across the city.

The activity includes a variety of puzzles, clues and mysterious places. Participants will receive accessories to help them decipher the various puzzles and situations.

Upon arrival at the solution, participants will get to see amazing places around the city, the route will be both on foot and by car. Participants will need to show creativity, communication, leadership and collaboration.



We work with the leading catering companies in the field, There is an option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course there will be the option of kosher catering and catering that serves vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

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